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The AMĀRE mobile studio is created to deliver a personalized luxury beauty and wellness experience to you on your special day. Our mobile studio is the first of its kind and available for any occasion worth celebrating, including weddings, parties, birthdays, graduations, and special events.

Our custom Mercedes Sprinter comes directly to your location, with seasoned professionals ready to deliver Custom Hair Services, Facial Services, Facial Hair Services, False Eyelash Application, and Makeup Services. Chair Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) is also available. At AMĀRE we celebrate you, exactly where you are.

AMĀRE Co-Founder,
Gino Dominic

Gino Dominic is an entrepreneur born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. As a barber by trade, Gino has traveled to countries throughout Europe, Asia, and North America to study the art of barbering while working alongside industry leaders. He has educated, trained, and provided premium barber services throughout numerous communities across Canada

Gino is a co-founder of “HAIDES” Barbershop and Salon. He has continued to thrive in the industry while working behind the chair. His strong relationships with premium clientele and ability to connect with all people of different backgrounds has enabled his pursuit and execution of new ventures. This venture will allow Gino to provide his premium clientele the AMĀRE Experience, a truly unique, luxury experience.

AMĀRE Co-Founder,
Sukh Sandhu

Sukh Sandhu is a multitalented entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in business leadership. His portfolio includes operations in multiple industries, including real estate development, multi-family construction, health and wellness, luxury automotive, and finance.

In collaboration with Gino, Sukh is using his business background, education, network, and leadership skills to bring a premium, luxury experience to clients through AMĀRE.